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About The Company

About The Company

Malti Lab Solutions

With a rich legacy spanning 27 years, Malti Lab Solutions, formerly known as Malti Enterprise, stands as a dependable name in the laboratory chemical industry. Originating in Mumbai, we have grown from specializing in laboratory chemicals to becoming a reliable Global supplier. Our focus on reliability, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Recently, we have expanded our commitment to excellence with the inclusion of pharma-grade excipients, offering a comprehensive solution for all your laboratory needs. Trust in our experience, consistency, and dedication as we continue to shape the future of laboratory solutions.

Our Products

At Malti Lab Solutions, our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions in the laboratory chemical industry is reflected in our diverse product offerings. Our extensive range encompasses laboratory chemicals, equipment, labware, membranes, filters, instruments, and all other lab requisites. A recent addition to our repertoire is excipients tailored for pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical applications, showcasing our adaptability to evolving industry needs. Our journey originated with a focus on laboratory chemicals, and as our customer base expanded, so did our offerings. Today, we stand as a one-stop destination, offering various products, including laboratory glassware, instruments, and the latest addition—excipients. We take pride in catering to diverse needs, providing chemicals in multiple grades, from commercial and laboratory grades to high-purity levels like Suprapur and UltraPur. Our team guides customers to select the most fitting grade for their specific applications, ensuring unparalleled support and satisfaction at every stage of their journey with us.

Diverse Impact Across Industries

The company has garnered an impressive track record over the years, serving clients across various sectors. Our end-user companies span diverse industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Food and beverages, Academic Institutions, Testing Laboratories, Steel, Textile, Government Organizations and institutions, Chemical Industries, API and chemicals, Contract Research Organizations, Hospitals, Power Sector. Our ability to cater to such a wide array of sectors reflects the versatility and reliability of our products and services.

Different Locations

At Malti Lab Solutions, our strategic presence spans two key locations, enabling us to serve the western industrial belt of India efficiently. Anchored in the bustling heart of Mumbai, Andheri East, our primary hub facilitates swift and reliable service to our valued customers. Further expanding our reach, our branch in Boisar (Palghar district) enhances accessibility, solidifying our commitment to the region. Beyond regional boundaries, we extend our services nationwide and globally through a dedicated export department catering to international inquiries and orders. Ensuring a seamless distribution network is our network of trusted dealers and sub-dealers strategically positioned across India and overseas. As we focus on consistent growth, a new branch is on the horizon, reinforcing our dedication to enhancing our reach and serving our diverse clientele effectively.

Sourcing Expertise

Our sourcing expertise is a source of immense pride, encompassing every facet of the chemical trade. Our strength lies in the global network of suppliers we've cultivated, allowing us to stay at the forefront of industry advancements and price fluctuations. This comprehensive understanding enables us not only to deliver the latest products to our clients but also to ensure competitive prices. Our commitment to sourcing excellence forms the bedrock of long-term, reliable business relationships, as we continue to elevate standards in the laboratory chemical industry.